DESERT 3.0 Released

The new version of DESERT Underwater (v 3.0) has been released at with many new capabilities.

The new features have been presented in The DESERT Underwater Framework v2: Improved Capabilities and Extensions Tools and in Measurement-based Simulation of Underwater Optical Networks. For more information, please refer to the user manual and the doxygen.

From the official DESERT mailing list:

Dear all,
This mail to announce the new major release of DESERT Underwater software. The new version (3.0.2) is available on our Github repository You can either clone the master branch or download the .tar.gz or .zip of the latest source version here.

DESERT Underwater v3.0.1 version implements several fixes, improvements, as well as brand new modules and protocols. Among others:
  • Support for the CSMA-CA MAC protocol
  • Support for configurable TDMA
  • A completely rewritten interface to the S2C EvoLogics modems to be employed in real-world experiments
  • Support to the “low-level” firmware of the S2C EvoLogics modems for raw underwater signal reception and processing
  • Support to multiple protocol stacks in the same underwater node
  • …and many more
For a more detailed list, please see our CHANGELOG and the Doxygen of the project.
Along with new major release of the software, a new website has been published ( ), with all DESERT-related material, including companion software and projects developed and maintained by our group, such as the remote control framework RECORDS.
Questions, comments and contributions are absolutely welcome. Please contact us by following the contribution guide or the issue tracker on GitHub. Alternatively, you can interact with us using the DESERT mailing list
Thanks for your interest in DESERT Underwater on behalf of the whole team.
Best Regards,
Favaro Federico, MSc.
DEI – Department of Information Engineering
Via Gradenigo 6/B, 35101 Padova – Italy
Tel. 049/8277778