Field Experiments

Hereafter a collection of pictures of some of our field experiments where several features of DESERT Underwater have been tested and improved, also thanks to a number of collaborating entities. Enjoy!

  • RoboVaaS demonstration in Hemmoor (Germany)
  • Joint field experiments with EvoLogics GmbH in Berlin (Germany)
  • Self-organized experiment in Garda lake (Italy)
  • CLAM Project, Field experiment in Horten (Norway)
  • COMMSNET’12, Field experiment in La Spezia (Italy)

Hemmoor, Germany

We performed mid-project demonstration for the RoboVaasS (MarTERA) project. In collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute and TUHH (smartPORT) we conducted a trial involving the SeaML vehicle and 8 buoys capable of underwater wireless communications, exploiting the ahoi acoustic modems, managed by DESERT Underwater. The drivers interfacing the ahoi modems are integrated into DESERT.

Berlin, Germany

We conducted this experiment along with EvoLogics GmbH in the lake Werbellinsee, near Berlin, to test a multi-modal network-layer communication protocol. The experiment involved 12 underwater acoustic modems and 3 different frequency bands of communication. The multi-modal controller, for optimizing throughput, was developed and integrated into DESERT.

Lazise, Italy

We set up our own experiment in collaboration with a Navy association in Lazise, a nice village overlooking the Garda Lake. In the experiment we tested multimodal data-link layer protocols.

La Spezia, Italy

We collaborated with NATO CMRE Center on feasibility tests in La Spezia, Italy.

Horten, Norway

Feasibility tests were conducted in open sea nearby Horten, Norway.