We here list some of the publications that resulted from our research activity. DESERT is extensively used during research so its development is closely related to the needs and requests posed by research experiments and simulations. Many other scientific publications involving DESERT Underwater can be found on the internet.

  • The following paper describes the DESERT v2, where several improvements have been done. From a improved real-time scheduler to the support of multi-stack communications (several PHY layers of different technologies or several concurrent MAC and routing protocols) and an interface to MatlabĀ©

The DESERT Underwater Framework v2: Improved Capabilities and Extensions Tools

  • The first version of DESERT Underwater was released in May, 2012 and presented at the MTS/IEEE Oceans 2012 Conference in Yeosu, South Korea

DESERT Underwater: an NS-Miracle based framework to DEsign, Simulate, Emulate, Realize Testbeds for underwater network protocol

  • The following paper explains how to use the World Ocean Simulator System (WOSS) software, a library for accurate representation of the Underwater channel, inside DESERT Underwater

Open-source Suites for the Underwater Networking Community: WOSS and DESERT Underwater

For additional information on WOSS please visit the WOSS webpage.

  • This paper illustrates RECORDS (a Remote Control Framework for Underwater Networks): a tool that exploits the underwater communication to also control the devices

RECORDS: a Remote Control Framework for Underwater Networks

For additional information on RECORDS please visit the RECORDS section.