DESERT Underwater  (short for DEsign, Simulate, Emulate and Realize Test-beds for Underwater network protocols) is a complete set of public C++ libraries that extend the NS-MIRACLE simulator to support the design and implementation of underwater network protocols.

The DESERT Underwater project originated mainly as the answer to two wishes:

  • to timely disseminate the underwater network protocols that we study and develop at Consorzio Ferrara Ricerche (CFR) and at the University of Padova, Italy;
  • to push the studies on underwater networking beyond simulations: running research solutions on real devices, in fact, is of key importance to prove the validity of every protocol design.

In addition, exposing our protocols and simulation systems to the community at large makes a valuable instrument available to all interested underwater network designers, and allows everyone to independently verify simulation as well as experimental results.

In these pages, you will find the links and introductory material that will guide you to the installation and use of DESERT Underwater

GitHub repository

We maintain and share our code using  github-mark-64px

Using the following command you can download the latest version:

git clone -b master

Alternatively, you can directly download directly the source code using this link

Doxygen documentation

You can check out the Doxygen documentation of DESERT Underwater at